Starbucks Announces the Launch of The Starbucks Card

Yesterday we had the chance to review the new Starbucks card that will be launching today around all Starbucks stores throughout Kuwait! The card is a more convenient way for customers to make purchases in store; you can simply top up a card to the value of your choice, and then use it to make any purchases at your convenience without the hassle of carrying change in your pocket.

As an additional benefit, anyone using The Starbucks Card at stores displaying the Wi-Fi sign can enjoy free Wi-Fi for one hour. To benefit from this great added value, coffee lovers simply have to make a purchase with The Starbucks Card and the barista will give them a voucher valid for one hour of free Wi-Fi.

The Starbucks Card is valid for 12 months, and it can be topped up as many times as the card holder wishes. You can spend as little or as much of the value as you wish at any time and can check the card balance and validity in store, or by calling the Customer Care hotline on 182 1212.

A big thanks for the Starbucks team for introducing us to their new addition and bearing all of our questions with a smile.


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