Celebrity Style @54th Grammy Awards

Don’t we looove watching events where all celebrities are gathered up in one place and we get to judge their every move? And style? I Do! The 54th Grammy Awards had plenty of head-turning, fabulous styles, yet, some where not so charming. The long, extended silhouette was one of the evening’s big trends, color too came in big punches.

Katy Perry was my favorite look of the evening! Stunning.

Adele went home with 6 grammy wins!! such a golden voice!

Kelly Osbourne looked kinda old, but I liked her gown.

Paris Hilton looked like..well, Paris Hilton! Nothing new.

I thought Carrie Underwood’s dress was too plain from the front, but I really like the design from the back.

Fergie! Umm, I’m still having mixed thoughts , but tending towards a big like!

I LOVE Rihanna! Not so crazy over her new hair though. Beside that, she looked GORGEUOS!

Nicki Minaj..No Comment!

Alicia Keys rocked an elegant minimal look.

Well I think Taylor Swift’s gown was very complementing for her complexion and hair tone; so her overall look was nice and smooth..But I’m still not so sure about the dress.

Short dresses had a share too!

For some reason, Gaga did not walk the red carpet! But she was there! I was slightly disappointed, didn’t expect Nicki Minaj to beat Gaga’s craziness!

And my favorite male artist at the moment, Bruno Mars looked sharp! The only gentleman whom I like his outfit out of all! *Hawt*


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