My Trip to Yas Island: Desert Safari

As you may know if you’ve been following my blog, I was in Yas island around 3 weeks ago, and I got to do some activities that I have been sharing through different posts; another thing I got to do was desert safari! I’ll start by saying, I’ve been desert camping before, I’ve been off-roading as well! However, for some crazy reason, I’ve never done a desert safari trip before!

We were a big group, we gathered at the hotel lobby and waited for our ride. Right on time, at 4 pm, the Land Cruisers started arriving one by one, and each group of 5 got in one! 15 minutes later, we were on the highway, heading towards our destination.

We drove for about 40 minutes on the highway before we finally took an exit towards the desert!

Then we got into another exit, this time a dusty route, drove for another 5 minutes and finally stopped to get prepped for our adventure!

The drivers were all locals, we asked our driver if they usually get into accidents and he went, ‘A LOT’ πŸ˜• seriously buddy?! Too bad for me, I was already there, and there was no chance to flee! I was nervous to say the least!

Anyway, while we got the chance to get friendly with the camels! Each driver reduced tires’ pressure so the cars won’t sink in the soft sand; yet again, we got back in the cars to hit the road, or more likely, the ‘off-road’!

Our car number was 12, one of my favorite numbers πŸ˜‰

And here we go! I couldn’t get too many snap shots as the vehicle was shaking like craaazy! At a certain point I looked outside my back seat window and it was facing the ground! It was definitely a thrill ride!

We stopped again to have another break and take a look at the beautiful scenery around us..We were literally, in the middle of no where! It was absolutely breath-taking!

After about 20 minutes of playing around in the sand bare foot, and taking lots of pictures, we hop in the vehicles again! This time for a tougher ride! We went non-stop for about 45 minutes! Many ppl in the group got sick πŸ˜• and the drivers kept going crazier with the cars like nothing matters!

We finally got to our last destination! The camp! To my surprise it was jammed! And of course, the best thing for me to dust myself up was a cup of Arabic coffee! Perfection!

We spent about 2 hours at the camp; dinner was served, a belly dancer did a show! and we were just having a good time.

Before we leave, they switched off the lights at the camp for us to get to see the darkness of the desert. It was amazing! Pitch black. And one beautiful star, standing alone, lighting away.

In case you were wondering, we drove back o the hotel on a normal road! Didn’t hit the desert in the dark.


8 thoughts on “My Trip to Yas Island: Desert Safari

  1. I also went on this desert safari not to long ago! Its super fun, the sand dunes ride got a little dodgy and one or 2 Land cruisers got stuck so we had to stop and help, but all in all this definitely is a must try! Glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  2. I went to dubai and abu dhabi so many times but never thought of doing it! Maybe because i grew up doing these stunts myself!
    But I wanna try it next time I am off to dubai.

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