Khaleejesq​ue 1st Print-Issue Launch Event

2 days ago happened to be Khaleejesque first print-issue launch event. It was held at the 360 Mall; when I got the invitation, I knew for sure the issue is going to be unique! But when I actually went there, and saw it, I was astonished! The cover, the topics, the photography, and the writing!! Thumbs up Khaleejesque! It’s absolutely a wonderful job for a 1st issue! Can’t wait to see what you guys have lined up!

BonkerBox was there and people were taking such awesome pictures! Check them out!

I fell in love with this photo shoot! You can find more details in their issue. It’s absolutely beautiful! And bear in mind, it’s all done in Kuwait!

I will be talking more in-depth on some of the articles I liked from the print-issue, stay tuned, it’s worth it! Meanwhile, Khaleejesque website will still be running as we know it!

* Images above are by the lovely, @Jacqui from Couch Avenue Blog, I took some pictures while I was there, But totally loved hers when I saw them, and she was sweet enough to share! Thank you darling ❤


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