Review: Al-Sanawbar Lebanese Restaurant

Last Wednesday, I was invited with pinkgirlq8 for lunch at Al Sanawbar Lebanese Restaurant. Our first impression on the place when we arrived was, neat! A friendly staff was at the reception, she welcomed us, and showed us to our table.

The seating area upstairs is really spacious; with smoking & non-smoking sections, and it was still crowded!

The restaurant manager informed us that they prepared a special menu for us, in order to try the new dishes, so we chose our drinks and waited for the feast 😛

Hot lebanese bread and appetizers got served at first, everything was good.

Main dishes followed, YUM! specially the Cherry Kebab and ‘Ras Al-Asfour’! We couldn’t stop eating!

Of course, you can’t eat all that food and not have a dessert 😛 We ordered our hot drinks, and enjoyed a selection of their sweets! I really recommend ‘Mafrouka’ and ‘Jazariya’! I’m hooked!

Thank you Al Sanawbar & Al Safat Dhiafa company for having us for the entire afternoon, and for your hospitality and generosity! We had a great time!

Al Sanawbar is located on Pelajaat Street, Tel : 25715124.


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