My Trip to Yas Island: Cipriani

The first day, and after my almost all day workshop, a group of us decided to go around to explore! The plan was to go to Yas hotel, but on the way there, we see this beautiful place, and couldn’t resist but go in! Allure, by Cipriani..BEAUTIFUL!

It exactly faces Yas Hotel and it overlooks such amazing view!!

The place has such cool lighting and laid back ambiance..Great place to sit and unwind

Add to that, it was Salsa night!! MY FAVORITE! Music, beats, atmosphere..All together, I wish I was with hubby and not with work colleagues 😐 And by the way, if you’re not a drinker, the place offers juices & Shisha!! Epic!

Just before we were leaving, I noticed this boat!! Take a look at the smaller boat at the bottom of the photo, that one is a 32 foot! Can you even imagine how big the other one really is!! MASSIVE! 😯 I couldn’t help but ask the security guards about it, they told me it’s for an indian businessman who lives on it for 2 months a year during the F1 season! Living the life much?


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