Event: Diet Care’s Workshop on Healthy Supermarke​t Shopping

Couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation for Diet Care’s first health and nutrition workshop: The easy guide to healthy supermarket shopping lead by Diet Care dietitian, Sarah Dimashkieh. I loved the idea the minute I read about it and I confirmed immediately!

Monday came, and I headed there; as soon as I arrived I was welcomed by the sweet Ms. Leslie and soon after, met Ms. Dareen and Mrs. Sarah Dimashkieh, the speaker for the night. Everybody was so warm and excited, and the atmosphere was very cozy.

The set up was great too, most of the products you come across while Supermarket Shopping were there, and you could see different brands from each products for comparison and better illustration.

The workshop started; we kicked off by learning the first healthy habit that is reading the food labels, and actually ‘understanding’ them. It was very interesting and informative.

This part was great!! Health claims that we see on products, compared to how accurate they are and the actual nutrition facts they should contain to qualify for these health ‘marketing’ claims!

Clarification on healthier products shopping options

Food labels comparison

Q&A session

After everybody was done with their questions; we played a game! Each table were presented a shopping basket and asked to pick the 5 healthiest products from it based on the nutrition facts label.

We picked our 5 products and got the calculations done; we didn’t exactly win 😛

Before leaving, we were given a goodie bag with sooo many interesting health articles, tips, and tools! I LOVED them!

Body Mass Index ‘BMI’ Calculator, helps determine the amount of body fat comparing hight to weight. Looks like I’m slightly underweight 😕

Another cool thing is Diet Care Magazine; lots of information, healthy habits, interviews with dietitians, random quotes..Big like!

Finally, My Health Diary; a cool note-book that helps you track your activities and what you eat 24 hours, every day of the week!

The cutest Mood Stickers that help you monitor your mood at the moment, and how it affected your eating activities! Super Cool!

Moreover, on each page of the note-book there is a tip, quotes, or advice for you to go on all the way, and never, never, never quit!

Thank you The Diet Care, Ms. Sarah Dimashkieh, and Bensirri Public Relations for the invitation, it was a very interesting and educating evening. Looking forward for the upcoming events in this series.


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