‘Cutest Baby Challenge’ Dinner at Vinny’s!

This weekend, last Thursday to be exact, we were invited for dinner by Vinny’s Team & The 7ajidude family to celebrate The Cutest Baby Blogger Instagram Challenge!

It was my first time at Vinny’s, so I was excited to try it out! I got there and saw the cutest tags with a personalized message for each of us!

This was mine and I loved it!

The place itself is very funky and modish! I loved the use of kitchenware in the interior and the way the place is set up is just hip!

Moving on: food time 😀 I got there a bit late so I missed on a couple of dishes..LOVED all what I tasted! Great rich flavour that is not very typical, yet not too much to handle!

Potato chips, seriously yummy action in here!

Spaghetti Polonaise..Nom nom nom 😀

Penne Arrabiata..Exquisite!

Pizzaaaaa..Both were light and tasted GOOD!

Dessert, a killer Kinder Pudding..A MUST TRY when you go!

And finally, a cute pink cake by The November Bakery for our cutest baby blogger Pink Girl Q8..Love that girl Xx

And since the dinner was in celebration of the ‘Cutest Baby blogger Challenge’ Bakerista supported the event with cute custom-made cakepops that look like the baby-bloggers photos!! Super cute!

Q8rain with her look-alike cakepop!

Before leaving, the owner of Vinny’s, Bader Al Kulaib, gave each one of us a personalized discount card that we can use every time we go!! Suppppper cool! Thank you Vinny’s and Bader Al Kulaib For a great evening, and a wonderful hospitality..It was a blast!!

Vinny’s is located in 52 Degrees, Al Tilal, Shuwaikh.


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