It’s a New Year!

Holy Moly! Last year was the most unsetteled and frenzy-like year of my life! It was turbulent and very ruffled! I never thought I would have to take decisions as critical as the ones I had to take..It started off bad, got worse, and finally got better towards the end of it..I learnt a lot and faced great fears and I can say, defeated them! 2011 added so much to me as person, to my experiences, and changed the way I looked at things for good! However, I’m thankful for it, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So moving forward to 2012, hoping for a better year for sure! January 1st happens to be my wedding anniversary as well..I love the fact that every new year’s is actually a new year for us..It gives me that edge to make things even better every year πŸ™‚

We had a great NY’s eve..Went to my friend’s party and had a blaaast! it was a great kick off! with hubby and friends, it was perfect and full of giggles πŸ˜€

We rented a Camaro for a change, hubby and I took turns driving it all the way to and from Mangaf ‘where the party was’, and we would see who can get it speeding more πŸ˜› the streets were so empty and tempting on the way was around 3:30 A.M, and the weather was p.e.r.f.e.c.t!

Well, the next day, we woke up, went for late breakfast, then went to see our families..By night we decided to go watch a movie at The Avenues, we head there, spend like 40 minutes looking for parking, then go up to the movies, find the longest queue, still decide to wait in that line all for the sake of watching a movie, any movie! We get to the window, and all the movies are fully booked! We thought of going for a quick dinner and some shopping..So we did, and we left the mall at around 11:30! On the way back home, in the middle of 5th ring road ‘Highway’, our car starts shaking! Hubby held on to the stearing wheel and went like ‘we have a flat tire’!!!! Oh No! Wanna know how tings could get worse? well, hubby had a flat tire a while back and used his spare, he then ‘forgot’ to replace his spare! So we were in the middle of the highway, at around 11:40 P.M, with a flat tire, and no spare! Joy!

We started calling our friends for help, everybody was ‘busy’ with something, but we got a number for a tow truck! Thank god he agreed to come! The situation got us kinda high! Sitting there, in the car, windows down, great breeze, fast cars passing by, and we’re just stuck! Great huh? With that, we were in such a good mood, laughed it off..Hubby wanted to call me a cab, but I’ve never been in one, and I got scared, I told him ‘I’ll get in the tow truck with you’! LOL and I was wearing a dress! Got home safe after all! THANK GOD! Quite an experiment getting in the truck with a dress! πŸ˜›

Well, so far this is my 2012, and I’m enjoying every bit of it..Tomorrow I’ll be back to work! I’ve been off for 16 days! The longest vacation in forever! But I’m ready to get back πŸ™‚

How is your 2012 so far? Anything exciting?


6 thoughts on “It’s a New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Babes!

    Wishing you a great 2012 and it looks that although there were a few hiccups the New Year was still great!

    Mine was spent quietly at home hehe chillaxing in my PJs!

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