I Love Fashion @Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol

Around 10 days ago, I got the chance to attend ‘I Love Fashion Course’ at Acanthe School of Etiquette and Protocol; the first school of its kind in Kuwait, with opened doors since October 2009.

It was my first time at Acanthe, I didn’t know what to expect, but when I got there I was astonished with the kindness and courtesy of the people behind it, Ms. Hanadi Khazal, and Ms. Rawan Alabdulrazzaq! Such sweethearts!

The place screams chic, every corner is well decorated and everybody I met there is absolutely gorgeous!

‘I Love Fashion’ is a 3-days course that talks about History of fashion, the fashion cycle, fabric, color, pattern, and of course, personal style. Our Course Director was Ms. Betsy Godkin, the cutest fashion graduate from the UK.

My favorite part of the course was day-3, we learnt about personal style, best fits for your body shape, what to look for and what to avoid, we also touched base on face shapes and most suitable hair and sun glasses style and size for each.

Another one of my favorite parts that we talked about throughout the course was celebrity style; how they use style illusion to look taller, shorter, thinner, curvier, lighter, darker, in other words, to look as ravishing, immaculate, picture-perfect as they always do. We used several celebrity example images from the hottest magazines and from the internet. I really enjoyed this and found it very useful.

Of course, being the great hosts that they are, we enjoyed our everyday break with the yummiest canapรฉs, finger food, and desserts!

Finally, at the end of day-3, Ms. Betsy asked us to fill a feedback form on which we can write any comments or ideas for improving the courses. We also received a signed and attested certificate of completion!

Thank you Ms. Hanadi, Ms. Rawan, and Ms. Betsy for the great hospitality over the 3 days, for the invitation, and for making it a great experience. Will be definitely looking forward to seeing you again. Xx

For more information on Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol, the courses they offer, or their course schedule, visit www.acantheschool.com or call them on +965 25653496.


4 thoughts on “I Love Fashion @Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol

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  2. Lovely.
    But why is fashion taken so seriously? Isn’t life serious enough already? One should be able to enjoy their body and dress in whatever makes them feel great! & the thought of finding one’s personality through clothes is just silly.

    • It’s not meant to be taken so seriously; it’s a fun educating way for a girl to know better what suits her and fits her body type. Some girls, and women, love to dress up, however, they don’t know what compliments their shape and body type. Knowing such, can not be harmful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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