My Chit-Chat With: Green Bar’s Reem Al Kalifa

Reem Al Khalifa, a young woman who comes from Bahrain with a passion you cannot help but gaze into; a craze for nature and an obsession with beauty – The deadly mixture. She’s got it all. A true inspiration that I rarely see anymore! It’s refreshing for the soul and stimulating for the senses.

I had the pleasure of meeting her on her current visit to Kuwait and having this wonderful chat, read and enjoy dolls:

Who is Reem Al Kahlifa?

The sister of many girls, the eldest! I’m pretty practical, I do a lot of Yoga, and I’m an environmentalist who loves to travel and explore.

Picture above taken via Confashions.

When did your fascination with beauty products start?

As a child, I used to hang out in a lot of pharmacies for a really long time! I was always very interested in alchemy and herbs. I loved nature! My memories as a 10-year-old revolve around being in the garden; I remember how amazing a bush of tomatoes would smell! Plants are my passion.

Tell us about the birth of Green Bar?

Whenever I went shopping for beauty products; I wasn’t too crazy about my finds in the market. There was a gap that I couldn’t fill. I did not understand the ingredients and I thought they were too complicated for my skin! At that point of time, I decided to go to the ‘Hawwaj’ in Bahrain, I was not satisfactory for my passion though. The oils were not of premium quality, they did not smell that good, and they were sold in little quantities. Until one day, I stumbled upon an article in Aramco World about Hunza Valley, where the world’s finest apricots come from. I was truly inspired by the article and decided to launch my first product without modifying the name; the word ‘apricot’ is beautiful in both English and Arabic. This is when Green Bar Apricot and Grapefruit Body Oil was born. It’s a way to manifest my belief through, and it is a very simple thing that nobody was doing until I decided to take responsibility for. The key of Green Bar is the ingredients; exquisite and naturally extravagant, behind each ingredient there is a culture, history, and a story to tell.

I started with oil because I believe it’s very luxurious and it takes a life of its own. I’m dying to know plants! To me, they have a personality and a character, and Infusing them really inspires me. I care a lot about countries and region and story. Sometimes, a concept starts with a country I would like to travel to, a place, or a time. I have a tremendous love for the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia that I’m exploring through oils. I’m very interested about the origin of the ingredients. It’s fulfilling for me as a person to be exploring my love and the world through Green Bar.

What is your signature best-selling product?

The face elixir and the rose-water collection are my hits. I personally sourced the rose-water from Oman, Turkey, and Morocco, and it’s had a great reaction from the crowd.

What is your personal favorite product?

The frangipani body oil, which translates into ‘Indian jasmine’, a tree that grows in the region and hot countries. It’s a seasonal tree, so the product as well is limited to certain times of the year.

What it your upcoming creation?

A Vanilla based product is on the way for summer 2012; a smell that mosquitoes hate and we love. An exquisite natural product that has so much love.

In the world of beauty, what inspires you?

Cleopatra! I think she would be really impressed with Green Bar!

How do you feel about your visit to Kuwait, and how are women reacting to your products?

I’m really enjoying Kuwait! I Love dealing with educated crowd. Thanks to Nouf Hussein, I believe I’ve received the best impression about Kuwait. Meeting with these women, and with the bloggers had been great! I appreciate people who read and have opinions and when working with such I’m much more satisfied.

What do you feel differentiates the women of Kuwait from women in other countries in the region?

The women of Kuwait are very educated and well-travelled. They are very knowledgeable with shopping, in a good way. They don’t just buy something but they have an opinion about it and that is incredibly positive.

How can beauties get hold of Green Bar treasures?

Green Bar mainly operates through, we are launching our online shop within weeks time for everybody to find us. However, if you are in Bahrain, Green Bar is available in selected beauty products stores.

A beauty secret?

Green bar is my beauty secret. Every single product is my ritual; they make my life so comfortable.

Of course, at the end of our sit down, I couldn’t resist but getting myself some of these babies, and those were my picks, The Face Elixir, and the Almond & Amber Body Oil! Absolutely love them!

Thank you so much, Reem A Khalifa, for being as sweet as you are, and for being truly inspiring talking about your passion; it was a wonderful chat.

For more information on Green Bar, follow them @Green Bar Inc, or visit their website,


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