Meet UK Universities @ Edukex

For more details click here.


3 thoughts on “Meet UK Universities @ Edukex

  1. That was an amazing coverage. You got me so excited to go there. I haven’t been to Failaka since pre-invasion.

    But how are the houses and rooms? You didn’t post any pics of them. Also, since you said you needed your car with you, I want to ask if there are places to go to in failka? Like do I really need a car there?

    Apologies for all the questions, but like I said, your coverage got me excited πŸ™‚

    • Thank you darling πŸ˜€ You should go, but try to take a big group with you otherwise it might be a bit too scary or overwhelming. The pictures I posted of the houses are all I saw of them..Didn’t get to see the inside of them, however you can find more details here , as per the rooms I have to admit it totally skipped my mind to take a picture of the inside of it..But I can tell you, it’s a decent room. I would really recommend you take your car in case you wanted to explore a little bit around the island..Otherwise, if you’re only going to be around the Heritage Village, you might be able to skip that part..But make sure you arrange your transport from the port to the hotel πŸ™‚

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