Failaka Trip: Day 1

I have been on a trip to Failaka island since yesterday. Everything is great so far except for the fact that I’m sick 😦 The island is much more better than what I expected! I’ll be sharing with you a coverage of the trip in the next couple of days so make sure to stay tuned!

The trip started off with the ferry ride. We needed our car there with us so we shipped it on the ferry and enjoyed a beautiful view throughout the trip.

Can you see Failaka in the horizon? πŸ˜€

And closer..

And closer..

And closer…

And closer..

And much much closer.. πŸ˜›


Our stay, Failaka Heritage Village.

LOL!.. A street sign next to a speed bump..

Can’t believe there’s actually an ATM on Failaka.. Don’t know whether it works though..

Our room..

The pool

BASKIN ROBBINS!!! Such a treat after a long day πŸ˜‰

Where almost everything is handmade

Day 2 coming soon..


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