Melinda Maria @ The Manhattan

The-Manhattan.Net has received gorgeous pieces from the fabulous Melinda Maria jewelry line! Their philosophy of design is to create beautiful, high quality jewelry that looks real, but is actually fine crafted costume jewelry.

Her pieces are worn by some of the biggest celebrities in the world and feature semi precious stones and gold-plated metals. The designs are dazzling and no one knows the difference!!!

The-Manhattan.Net has also stocked up on their infamous La Mer watches, this is the Fall/Holiday 2011 collection! And it’s by far, my favorite from these timepieces since I came to know about them! Absolutely gorgeous collection! All 4 of them!

Shop, The Manhattan, here, or follow them @TheManhattan.

You can also meet the team behind this fabulous website at their booth at the ‘Annual Winter Bazaar’ inside the Salwa Al-Sabah Hall on November 18th!

Enjoy Shopping! Stay Fab! Xx


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