DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry

This season’s Fendi muse is a bit of an eccentric—the kind of girl given to placing decorative bits of gold (or silver) leaf from lash line to brow, paired with cool nude lips, the look was resolutely bourgeois, with a dash of Byzantine charm.

If you find this style inspiring but wearing it on your eye lids seems too much for your liking, learn here how to wear it on your fingers or even wrists; a temporary solution for a lack of bling. Plus, it looks super fly!

What you need is this:
• One sheet of imitation gold leaf
• Spirit gum or non toxic liquid adhesive
• A foam brush
• Tape

Start by cutting the sheet of gold leaf into half inch strips. Use scotch tape to tape off an area of the skin.

Apply a coat of spirit gum. (Spirit gum, which is normally used for affixing wigs and fake mustaches, is a great non-toxic solution and can be found at most speciality stage makeup stores) With a foam brush, dap the spirit gum until it becomes tacky.

Pick up a strip of gold leaf and press the gold side onto the tacky area with pressure. Remove the strip and repeat the steps until the whole area is covered.

Remove the tape and use your fingers to smooth out any loose flakes. The gold leaf should stay on for at least 8-10 hours. Spirit gum remover or rubbing alcohol can be used to remove it if necessary.

Voila! You’re rocking gold leaf!! Stay awesome!! Xx


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