Beauty Spot Exhibition

Yesterday, I couldn’t wait to finish work, get home, change, and go to 360! Since the day I heard about ‘Beauty Spot Expo’ and I really wanted to check it out! I love salons, nail spas, nail stations, spas, beauty products, and any other thing of that kind! So I hit the road, got myself there, and headed straight to the exhibition hall! The entrance screams ‘girly’! With ‘No Men Allowed’ sign, and giant nail polish right at the gate! It says it all πŸ˜‰

My first stop was at Mobrad booth, cute, but too crowded all the time, I had to struggle to get close! Planning to pay them a visit some time soon at their nail spa, located at Al-Tijariya Tower, Al-Mirqab.

Second stop, Hair Station..Liked their ‘Nail Station’ polish color collection..Located in Jabriya.

Now to my ABSOLUTE favorite booth at the exhibition, ‘Pretty Petals’ Nail Spa..will be opening soon after Eid in Jabriya..I Love the name, logo, products, and their paper bags! The girls were super sweet, wish them all the best of luck. Will definitely be trying this one out once they open πŸ™‚

I bought this from them..It’s kinda minx but much easier! All you need to do is wear the sticker on your nail and file the excess! No need for salon, UV, or even heat! Perfect for a quick fix if you’re in a hurry!

Found some really good perfumes at Dazzle, also located at Al-Tijariya Tower, Al-Mirqab.

The sweet Ghadeer from ‘Blush & Brush’ was very welcoming and didn’t mind we take her pictures πŸ™‚

This is SOAP!!! Yes, cake shaped soap from Bait Al-Saboon Al-Lubnani, located at The Avenues, phase II.

Fish Nail Spa was also there, with their famous fish tanks for whoever has the guts to try πŸ˜›

Betty Boop had a wildly cute booth, with a bath tub and all! Just for display πŸ˜›

This booth has color-changing nail polish!! It changes when exposed to UV or sunlight! Everything they have is based on the same concept..Necklaces, bracelets, sun glasses.

I tried this nail polish, it’s more like a clear coat that changed into pink after exposed to the UV light at the booth!

‘Yours Salon’ had a huge collection of Umm Kulthum perfumes, named after her songs..For the body, for the hair, scrubs and all..Nice stuff.

‘Six Senses’ were also there! I visited their spa before it opened at the Grand Opening of Hotel Missoni..I was fascinated with the interior but they weren’t open for ladies yet 😦 This has been on my visit list for months!

‘Lashes Kuwait’ were there too, I’ve been hearing about them for a while but didn’t try it..The girl at the booth showed me the very natural lashes she was wearing!! You can’t tell the difference! Looks fab!

This was my tour..Had fun..Got some goodies and a lot of vouchers..Don’t miss out the last day tomorrow, Beauty Spot Exhibition is on until Oct 29th..Enjoy! Xx


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