A Dowdy Girl With A Dream

Life’s fiercely earned accomplishments typically start with a dream. In the case of the witty, self-made author and established blogger, Danderma, it all started with a rant. With one simple glance through her ‘About me’ tab on her website, the author effectively describes herself as a relentless freak-magnet. Considering her inability to conform to society and her refusal to be labeled a mindless sheep in the herd as her strongest asset, Danderma’s ‘unforgivable’ notions of having an opinion stimulate an ever-growing following, evolved into her first published book, The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait. She had us hooked by her choice of the word dowdy in her fist title to translate the commonly used ‘Dathra’, also defined by the author as plain, old-fashioned and out of style. ~ Bazaar Mag

I stumbled upon this somehow, and there’s just one thing I have to admit, only after reading ‘The Chronicles of Dathra’ I became obsessively addicted to Frozen Yogurt! Be ware, it does have that addictive effect 😛

Read Danderma’s full interview in Bazaar Magazine, here.


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