Sleeping Problems

I’ve been facing some sleeping problems lately..I never even knew what this means before! I used to sleep like a baby the minute my head hits that fluffy pillow..But for a good while now, I’ve been having trouble getting myself to sleep, I keep tossing and turning, and when I finally get myself to sleep, I’d be lucky if nightmares wake me up just one time every night! 😦

I’m not sure what’s up! What do you guys think? Stress, thoughts, or just another advantage of ‘growing old’ kinda thing? Have you ever faced sleeping problems of any kind? Do you have any tips that would help?


5 thoughts on “Sleeping Problems

  1. knowing you.. I would say stress. When your head is on your pillow just try to forget about everything else. Nothing can’t wait till the next day =*

  2. Whatever the reason is, the solution is to wakeup really early to start your day, do some workout during the day, DONT REST OR NAP, keep urself busy till its time for bed. Dont go to bed before bed time, shower and take panadol night and make sure nothing could wake u up or annoy u. if it didnt work out from the first day give it atleast 3.

  3. Salam ^_* try to stay in ur bedroom for while before you go to bed .. keep it clean and a little dark .. get you a hot drink like camomile ot hot chocolate with a good book .. just few minutes and you will sleep like a baby =) more over .. try to avoid afternoon naps, and stop drinking caffeine after 6 am .. that what i do sometimes
    Sweet dreams ;*

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