Red Bull Doodle Art Kicked Start

As part of their vision, reflecting their rebellious & self-ironic image; Red Bull Doodle Art was born to reach out to students, explore their brains, and bring out their potential hidden talents.

Doodling is a type of sketch; an unfocused drawing, typically drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class..You could use school books, sheets of paper, or notebooks..And all you need is human fantasy & pen.

Red Bull Doodle Art has kicked start today at GUST & Kuwait University CBA campuses; All you need to do is take one of the doodling cards being distributed on one of these campuses, get creative, and drop it back in te Doodle Box located on campus.

The winner will enjoy driving a Mini Cooper with their Doodle printed on it..And they will automatically qualify for the regional competition in which the winner will get their doodle applied on a backpack as a limited edition offered from Burton! Of course the winner would have the first developed item with the probability of having his name on it as the designer! Cool!

Tha last day for submission will be tomorrow, Tuesday 20th.

Good Luck! πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Red Bull Doodle Art Kicked Start

  1. nice, im just finished working on my drawing, but like ive been searching the internet for the previous winners of doodle art, check out what they have done, and what redbull is looking for,,,,, didnt find any,,, but i think ive done a good job myself, hopefully ull get to c my art πŸ˜‰ just look for the 2 bulls running at the speed of awesomeness

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