4 thoughts on “Burgan Bank Re-Launches Its Yawmi Account With New Features

  1. Wallah hal Burgan mo 3arfeeen shesawon eb 7ayat’hom hehe it first started out as Al Thuraya account with a minimum of 10KD entrance, then 50KD, then rebranded to B-Surprizes and went up to 100KD, then it was rebranded again and went up to 500KD and they didn’t “want” anything less because that was not the segment of people they were looking for.

    And now it’s back to 100KD LOL! I just hope that whoever is there thinks what kind of image this is giving the public when they keep changing their minds like a Blonde heiress changes her purses hell even her shoes!

  2. Hi Jacqui,

    I suggest you do some homework before you make such comments. First of all, Thuraya account is a ‘Salary’ transfer account while Yawmi is a ‘draw’ account which are completely different.

    The only revamping that took place was from B-Surprises (the original draw account) to Yawmi which was around 3 years ago. All what they did now was change the mechanics of Yawmi (from 3 years ago) and made it easier for people to join and gave them more chances to win.

    Next time you want to comment, please do your homework before you start typing.

    • I have done my homework and know the product since I used to sell it πŸ™‚

      And it was called Thuraya account, if you ever worked there you would know that it was Thuraya account and then became B-Surprizes to separate the “Salary” account from the “Draw” account. And by the way they are both draw accounts πŸ™‚

      Thanks though for your condescending tone and “lesson” in the Draw Account history of Burgan Bank πŸ™‚

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