A Perfume Ad?!

Am I the only one who finds this ad offensive?! And yes, this is a ‘perfume’ ad for a store in Kuwait!! I just don’t get it ๐Ÿ˜•


18 thoughts on “A Perfume Ad?!

  1. I just don’t understand what is the point of showing the top of his underwear if it is an ad for a perfume all I can say is this ad has a “PORNOGRAPHY EXPRESSIONS” and it fits more a PLAYBOY MAGAZINE!

  2. LOL! Maybe it’s a perfume that will mask the smell of letting *one* go hehe you know hehe breakin’ the wind ๐Ÿ˜›

    JK! I seem to be having a hilarious time with my thoughts bs seriously that’s such a weird picture!

  3. Hello, Thank you for bringing this up.

    This wasn’t an ad and it was displayed temporary for checking the sizing of the page photo into the page. As you know, facebook has a maximum height and width that you can display the photo with. It wasn’t intended to be an ad. It is actually removed now.
    Management of the page. You can visit the same page as you wish.

    Thank you and we appreciate if you can remove it from your blog as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. As we informed you, this ad was a test – ad and not an ad that was put in TV or the streets. With all respect, please remove the ad from your page on the soonest. Otherwise, we will take an action against your blog and would isolate it from other social media that we connect with.

    • Are you guys serious? A test ad? And why did this test ad have to include a guy with his underwear out? It’s obvious you just got this photo off the internet so why couldn’t you choose something more decent to test with? Because even if it was a test ad you do know that it was going to be public the minute you upload it don’t you? Which gives the blogger the right to publish it after YOU yourselves already did. The blogger got it off your PUBLIC profile/page or whatever. This is the fault of your graphic design team. Solve it with them. Be professional.

  5. How professional! Anyway I removed ur logo off the image cz u might be the owner of the copy rights, although I doubt that, but Iโ€™ll give it to u anywho. However, and a word of advice for future references, donโ€™t ever threat a blogger, itโ€™s not the smartest thing to do and it will only harm ur business before anything else! Blogs are a free media tool and dealing with them doesnโ€™t happen like other mediums. I will not remove the image (since itโ€™s taken off the internet, and just a measurement tool as u said) neither will I remove my post. Cheers.

  6. Dude you must be kidding making threats!!!!! are you seriously serious !!!!!!! Bloggers are the new formula of freedom writers …and really and that’s from someone who works in the media industry, who would try to check the height of an online ad by placing such nudity.
    Piece of advice: reconsider the threats and trade it with an apology while buckling the button up.

    Keep it up Piscean

  7. Dear all – Bloggers and Friends,
    One word, Respect.

    We appreciate you removing the logo and we did not mean to threaten you whatsoever, but we kindly asked you to remove it and you didn’t respond with our kind approach initially. Now, that you removed the logo, It defeat the purpose and you can comment as much as you want about the photo because it is none of our business to involve in your freedom of speech nor your rights of expression or topics of interest(s). As a matter of fact, if you know what we stand for as a business, you wouldn’t be putting this up in the first place.


  8. That’s really disgusting and it says nothing but that whoever put it is sick and sooo unprofessional. And for whoever is “Trying to threaten you” I say you messed with the wrong people. And if you thanked for bringing it up, then it should stay here not deleted so whoever put it whether on purpose or by mistake should meet the consequences.

  9. WTH, your initial comment is marked as 1:53 and the second one with the THREAT is at 4:32!!! So you waited for almost 2 and half hours to have the guts to claim “we kindly asked you to remove it and you didnโ€™t respond with our kind approach initially”!!! And what’s respect!!!! are you insinuating that the blogger of the comments lack respect? dude, only if you knew what respect is, then you’d be ashamed of your comment. Dude you wouldn’t even notice respect if it stares in your eyes. Do me a favor, and revise your vocabularies and do your homework before you start commenting with total patronizing demeaning way.
    Wanna sue me, go ahead and drop a comment and I’ll gladly email you my full contact information, let add some spice to my days.

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