9/11 It’s Been 10 Years!

With the 10th year anniversary of 9/11, I can’t help but think of the situation in the world these days..Revolutions everywhere, people dying everywhere, systems beings brought down..History in the making.

10 years ago, we hardly heard the word terrorist; that day created the new name for us: citizens of the third world countries, aka terrorists! There’s no doubt that 9/11 has started sketching the new world map..from a pre-9/11 world to what we’ve come to think of as a post-9/11 world.

The change didn’t stop; the world is still moving and always will be; and there will come a day where the picture is complete! 10 years after, the alleged mastermind behind the attacks, Bin Laden, is supposedly dead! And we are still being called ‘terrorists’!

No matter what is politically planned, I can’t put a thought that 9/11 was anything but a human tragedy on all levels..It will always be printed in our memories..I offer my condolences, 10 years after, to people who were touched directly or indirectly by it..May you find your closure, and may all the victims rest in peace.


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