I’ve Been Tagged!

My friend and fellow blogger, Q8Rain, Tagged me some time ago..I finally got back to Kuwait and found the time to answer everything..It’s an Alphabet series of questions, check it out:

Available? No
Age: 25
Animals: Kitty Cats πŸ˜€ Awwww Cuteness!

Beer: old men, red heads, long beards, big bellies
Best Friends: They come & go
Body Part on opposite sex: Neck, Shoulders, Arms
Best feeling in the world: Being satisfied, happy, loving & being loved πŸ™‚
Been in Love? Love is life
Been on stage: Yes 😎 couple of graduations & couple of presentations
Believe in Magic? Yeah..The bad side of it though
Believe in Santa? Lol! I like his socks full of goodies! Does that count? πŸ˜›
Brand: Fashion is a passion, not a brand

Color: Turquoise
Chocolate/Vanilla: Choco Loco :p
Chinese/Indian/Italian: Italianoooo
Cake or pie: Pie! Yummy Apple Pie
Cheese: Hehe for some reason, I add cheese to everything I cook..Poor hubby he suffers

Day or Night: Day & lots of sunshine πŸ˜€
Dancing in the rain: Romantic

Eyes: Deceiving
Ever failed a class: Yes! To my shame, it was ‘Arabic Language Class’ First year of college! πŸ˜•
Exercise: Yeah I try as much as possible to stick to it..I feel so satisfied when I do πŸ™‚

First thoughts waking up: How’s the weather like today? Please be sunny!
Food: Not too important..I crave the most random things though πŸ˜›

Greatest Fear: Heights, darkness, and growing old πŸ˜•
Get along with your parents? Parents are parents..Love them with my life!

Hair Color: Light brown
Happy: Some days! Happiness is a state of mind.
Holiday: I’m dying for one!!

Ice Cream: Not a big fan..It has its times though

Jewelry: Addiction!
Job: Self defining

Kids: The sweet & sour gift
Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing..I fantasize I am a pro sometimes! Weird I know! πŸ˜•

Love: The greatest of all feelings
Laughed so hard you cried: Yeah..It’s been the longest time ever..

Milk flavor: Chocolate
Movies: Romantic Comedy
Motion sickness: Only when I’m not driving! 😯

Number: 27

One wish: If all my other wishes could be granted πŸ™‚

Pepsi/Coke: Soft drinks are a big no-no!
Perfume/Cologne: It’s the one thing I collect! I’ve used hundreds! I have over 40 bottles at all times!

Quail: The bird?! πŸ™„ I don’t like birds

Reason to cry: Sadness, happiness, hormones!
Reality T.V: Silly
Radio Station: Super Station 99.7

Song: Depends on my mood
Shoe size: 39
Salad Dressing: Salt, lemon, & olive oil
Strawberries/Blueberries: I love all berrieeees

Tattoos: Mysteriously attractive
Thunderstorms: More like horror storms! I’d definitely be hiding under something πŸ˜•

Unpredictable: My thoughts!

Vacation spot(s): Blue beach with a lot of white sand

Weakness: Memories
Who makes you laugh the most: People I love

X-Rays: Done many

Year it is now: 2011..One of the worst since it started
Yellow: Sun Shineeeee! πŸ˜€

Zoo animal: Panda!

Now since I had to answer all these questions, I thought let’s see some more answers coming, so here I tag, Ke7el, Moody, Q8Blend, & Confashions..Dare to tell the truth guys πŸ˜›


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