Why I Hate Traveling Alone!

1- Well, in this life, I’m afraid of 2 things, heights & closed spaces..being in a flying tube, hanging somewhere in the sky could definitely be my worst nightmare.

2- Airports creep me out!! Yes! The security, the procedures, the thousands of people, the hygiene which they could never maintain, the lines, the waiting, the staff, the rules! Everything! Creeps!

3- Couple of days before my flight I usually get quite! What if the plane crashed, what if there was a sudden storm, will there be a lot of turbulence, will the pilot be good, have they been conducting regular check ups on the plane..Bla bla blaaaa..Will I survive! πŸ™„

4- Because I’m alone, I usually become jumpy & cranky, and such an observant! I feel everyone is staring at me..And people’s random gestures & movements become my trigger!! Everything looks suspicious to me! I become my own CSI show!

5- Because of how I become, I think I attract security nasty looks..It’s like they think I’m up to something, while in reality, I’m just too scared! 😐

6- When on the plane, for some reason, I become clumsy! I’m usually a very put together person, but I guess the engine noise, the motion, and the whole flying thingy makes me lose my inner balance! I become like a deaf person!

7- When I’m traveling alone, I could never sleep 😦

8- When the person on the seat next to me notices my wrecking nervous and starts making silly conversation! Urrrgh

9- I become so moody & mean the minute I know what time my flight is until I reach my hotel.

10- When I don’t get a window seat I feel like I’m literally suffocating.

11- Taking off & Landing…Oh Lord!! 😯

12- turbulence!!! My everlasting enemy!

13- When I get an arrogant cabin crew, ill-mannered people, and crying kids on the plane! 😑

14- I could never understand what the pilot has to say on the mic! It just sounds so unfocused or imprecise no matter how hard I put both my ears into it!! And every time he starts speaking I am totally convinced he’s trying to tell us the plane is falling!!

15- I extra miss my family & loved ones 😦

So, these are my reasons..Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, I just hate the flying part of it..I wish they could come up with time capsules so we can move around without all the hassle.


One thought on “Why I Hate Traveling Alone!

  1. e7im thats really …. anyways i usually like to travel alone and never felt this way .. im never scared of airplain crush i dont even care or even check about the pilot name or so .. what will happen will happen :/
    try panadol night and get some sleep i also do that for long flights

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