Crush It: Cash In On Your Passion

By now, you must have heard of ‘Crush It’; A seminar that isn’t interested in making unrealistic promises while glossing over the work involved..It focuses on making a living by building content around each person’s passion, which isn’t simple and it doesn’t happen overnight.

In Crush It, Gary Vaynerchuk shows how anyone can build a career around what they’re passionate about. He also delivers both high-level and platform specific strategy and analysis, allowing you to take advantage of the current business environment while preparing you to succeed as it changes and evolves.

By combining practical analysis and strategy with the same passion and humor that’s made Gary one of the most in demand keynote speakers in the world, Crush It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand and harness the future of business and work.

Crush It! is a book about finding your passion and profiting from it online. Gary did that, and through his book he shares with other people how to follow on his steps..

The beginning of the book is about why you need to follow you passion, and how Gary did it with his wine business, taking the revenues from $4 to over $60 million annually..After that Gary talks about the important of personal branding, the online platforms you must use, and the strategies you should use to promote yourself and your business.

Learn: Why social media has evened the playing field, destroying the “gate-keepers” who had previously dictated the distribution of content.
Learn: How to beat unemployment and create wealth-building opportunities by building and maintaining a personal brand.
Learn: Why storytelling is the most important business concept in the current marketplace.
Learn: How you can build an online business around your passion without quitting your day job.
Learn: Why Twitter and Facebook are just tools and not a social media strategy.
Learn: How to take advantage of the half-billion dollars in advertising that are moving to the internet
Learn: Why transparency and being true to yourself are now winning marketing formulas
Learn: How to build and maintain an online community around your passion and brand
Learn: Strategies for turning attention into money
Learn: Why the legacy element of the internet era is so underrated

In Gary’s opinion, everything has changed; the social media revolution has irreversibly changed the way we live our lives and conduct our business. There are billions of dollars in advertising moving online, waiting to be claimed by whoever can build the best content and communities. Despite this change, most people keep working at jobs that don’t make them happy and businesses continue to ignore the major marketing and public relations benefits that can be found online.

I’ve said over and over that if you live your passion and work the social networking tools to the max, opportunities to monetize will present themselves. I’ve also said that in order to crush it you have to be sure your content is the best in its category. You can still make plenty of good money if you’re fort best in category, or ninth best, but if you really want to dominate the competition and make big bucks, you’ve got to be the best. Do that, be that, and no one will be able to touch you..With one exception. Someone with less passion and talent and poorer content can totally beat you if they’re willing to work longer and harder than you are. Hustle is it. Without it, you should just pack up your toys and go home. ~Gary V.

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