10.Oh.8 Light Dinner

Remember my previous post on 10 Oh 8 couple of weeks ago? I said I will be going back to try out their yummy looking food and I just did this weekend..Well for starters, They have many more waiters and waitresses to cater for their customers! The service was much better this time, and the order was on our table in about 15 minutes! Big improvement ๐Ÿ˜€

Now let’s talk food..We started off with ordering Chicken & Chips, It was good, loved the chips, chicken was tender, but it was a bit dry..needed some sort of dip..We asked the waiter and they only had ketchup.

Pizza Blanca..OUT OF THIS WORLD YUMMY! LOVED IT! I’ve been craving it everyday since I tried it..The white cheese, the lemony taste, and arugula on top..A mixture of perfection! MUST TRY!

The infamous, Chocolate Nirvana..Loved the rich nutella and the crispy edges..Num num num You have to try it if you’re planning to ever drop by.

Chocolate Pudding..Their Chocolate recipes are simply, to die for!

for more details, follow 10.Oh.8 on Twitter @10oh8, or call 22479371, 22479372.

Their Ramadan timings are 6 pm to 3 am! And guess what, they’re offering an additional ramadan special menu..Drop by, and enjoy the yum yums ๐Ÿ˜€


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