Review: 10.Oh.8 Restaurant

2 nights ago, the girlies and I got together and decided to try out 10.Oh.8..The new restaurant that is making the fuss in town nowadays..We got there can’t miss the BRIGHT sign and the red door! My friend got there first; she said the waitress messed up our reservation ‘as we called in the morning’ and she had to wait for sometime for a table.

Anyway, by the time I got there, we got seated, and I started reading their menu introduction; they adopt a cause that changes every 3 months to reflect the changing seasons..This season’s cause is spreading awareness on the safety and dangers of roads and how to be more cautious to prevent such disasters from happening..Percentage of the proceeds goes to those different charity/causes that they feature.

I couldn’t help but notice the unique little items everywhere..I like this kind of places..It made me feel like I was sitting in Paris, inside this cozy place, enjoying my time, while it was raining outside πŸ˜€ Cute feeling! Music was a big plus..It fit my mood that night..Hip & cool.

The place was busy, the staff were swamped with orders, and some people were actually sitting outside!! In this weather! πŸ˜•

We weren’t there for dinner, it was a ‘sweet-tooth’ gathering more or less, we ordered us some tea, hot chocolate ‘that we never got’, Baby Arugula & Parmesan Salad, Chocolate Bread Pudding, & Sticky Date Cake..While waiting for our orders, I kept seeing food coming out from the kitchen, everything looked and smelled so good and fresh..I’ll go again to try out their food soon..

We got the orders about 40 minutes later..Everything was really good, but to me, the service was too slow, I even had to mention it to the waitress a couple of times..I’m sure that’s something they would improve with time, as long as they got everything else going on so well πŸ˜‰

Before we left, the waitress got us this piece of cake ‘complimentary from The November Bakery’..We didn’t know why πŸ˜• But you can’t say no to November, it’s against the law!

Drop by and please those taste buds of yours, it’s worth trying out.

for more details, follow 10.Oh.8 on Twitter @10oh8, or call 22479371, 22479372.


6 thoughts on “Review: 10.Oh.8 Restaurant

    • Its in Shuhada Street, when Hamra tower and Hope School are on your right, and you’re heading towards Dasman round about, it’ll be to your right before the round about πŸ™‚

  1. Dear Piscean, first of all we would like to apologize for making you wait and for messing the order. As you saw they were swamped but that’s not an excuse for us! So big big apology goes to you and your guests. As for the November Cake it was a complimentary cake for both making you wait, for forgetting the hot chocolate and from November because they are supporting what we do, they are so nice. As a result of that day, when I heard what happened with the slow service, I hired three more fellas to help run our cozy place. I hope you accept our apology and come back soon to visit us and most importantly THANK YOU FOR THE POST! you are a great person helping us spread awareness!

    • Hey you guys! Thank you for your comment!! Love the attitude!! And honestly, it showed in the details of 10.Oh.8 πŸ™‚ Everything is taken care off..Service could be tricky at first..I’ll come back soon to try out the food enshalla..And i’m sure it’ll all be perfect this time..Keep doing what you’re doing, the place is super cute πŸ˜€ xx

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