What Is Happiness?

What is happiness? How do we measure it? And how do we know we have it? At many times, people tend to underestimate and not appreciate what they have..That until they lose it..When they lose it, they become sad..Although they thought it didn’t make them happy before..Why is our race so ungreatful..Unthankful..Selfish..

I heard someone once say, “If you need something to be grateful for, check your pulse!” So true!! We run after fake, ceasing & short-lived happiness..Forgetting all the details within..We run from A to Z, forgetting there are another 24 letters that were involved in the process..We run, and run, but what are we really running after?

We are so negative..We judge, hate, and hurt..mostly people who love us..Who are we to do that? We live in a world where finding someone truly genuine is a very difficult mission, if not impossible..For me, with my experiences in life, everybody is guilty, until proven otherwise!! But why? Do you think its memories? imaginations? a mix of both? My worst enemy is my memory & imagination mixed together! A killer combo I wish I can live without..Only then I will be detoxified..Only then I can find myself again..

A piece of advise..Live & let live..Appreciate the smallest details..Without them, life is so plain..so empty..Fill your heart, feed your soul..spread love..Make people around you happy..Don’t give up too easily..Don’t let your weaknesses define you..Don’t pay your life until you learn the valuable lesson..Don’t be your own enemy..

Only then, you’ll be happy..


4 thoughts on “What Is Happiness?

  1. Lovely post.
    One of the best ways to be happy is to be AWARE of your mood and how you are feeling at the moment. We can learn to monitor the thoughts that enter our heads. Our thoughts create our emotions. Having stable emotions is the better than being totally happy or totally depressed. Khair al2umoor alwasa6. One must always have a list of what is called “Mood Shifters”. Things or thoughts that make you feel happy. Keep them in mind. Simple as that. Also, positive self talk can make a huge difference in the way we view ourselves and the world around us. If there are bigger things bothering you, make sure you get rid of your past emotional baggage which could be holding you back from living the life that you really deserve.

  2. What is happiness?
    It is KNOWING that God has a very special plan for you and that EVERY SINGLE thing happens for a reason that will be revealed to you sooner or later in life or it may never be known to us. But by trusting in THAT, we can feel relieved and happy. JMO

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