Blog Addiction: Huda Beauty

I’ve been following this blog obsessively! Huda Beauty..A cool girl who reflects a beautiful character, shares beauty tips, and reviews beauty products! I’M ADDICTED! She’s such an expert in the field, you get beauty recipes like no others! Some of them are plain weiiiird! And they work!! I’ve been trying!

Huda is a Hollywood trained Makeup Artist from Joe Blasco Academy “world’s leading makeup academy for makeup artistry”..She’s also worked with many brands including Revlon, Cartier, Zahret Al Khaleej, Harper’s Bazaar, Emirates Women, Frey Wille, Essa, the UFC, and many more..

I came up with the concept of a beauty blog when I was at the University of Michigan. I was studying finance, but clearly beauty obsessed. For me it was always tricks like rubbing lemons on your knees to make them lighten or using cold tea bags on your eyes for puffiness that interested me, makeup was more of a hobby at that point. It wasn’t until I studied makeup that I realized I had more to offer–it isn’t the traditional all beauty tips or all makeup tips website. I would be a fusion of the two. I also want to include as much of my personality and me in it as possible. That is really important to me. As well a making sure that everything was credible, always! ~ Huda

Check it out, here, it’s totally worth the while.


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