Why Is This Video Causing So Much Drama?!

The clip has got about 583,933,669 views, and is the most viewed video in YouTube HISTORY!! It is also one of the most hated, with over 1.5 million “dislikes”!! Music video by Justin Bieber performing ‘Baby’! Yes, Bieber have made history πŸ˜•

Now I really couldn’t care less about the fact of Bieber’s existence, but his impact on teenage girls nowadays shocks me 😯 The guy looks like a little girl, and he does stuff that, in my opinion, should even think about until he’s double his actual age 😐

It’s been rumored that YouTube are considering to remove the video off their site, and yesterday, #dontdeletebaby started trending on Twitter and it was only a matter of minutes before Beliebers everywhere took to the internet to fight for one of the greatest dilemmas in the history of the web!

It’s YouTube against the beliebers, do you think YouTube can afford taking off the video?


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