Kuwait Internet/Downloads Caps

If you’re living in Kuwait, you know for sure about the internet/download capping issue that took a new turn when ISPs started applying it on every single user no matter what speed they paid for 😯

If you’re not living in Kuwait, you might wanna know, internet is highly used by every one of every age for basically every thing, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, DSL, online games, iTunes..Work, studies, fun..EVERYTHING!

Above all that, and regardless of the HUGE market demand, the prices of internet were always high! People didn’t mind, and accepted paying for receiving the ‘luxury’ of internet!

Recently, for some reason, ISPs have gone crazy over the Fair Use Policy and Downloads Capping!! People are FURIOUS!! MOC has already sent out warnings to ISPs to fix the situation..and no official reaction took place yet!

Yesterday, a campaign against internet capping has started, everyone is participating, with the help of bloggers, to spread the word..Make your voice heard, tell your friends, talk about it over Twitter (use #Q8Cap) & Facebook..Let’s put pressure on these officials..If you get any ideas on anything else that we could do, post about it..Get aware.

Check out Kuwait Anti Bandwidth Cap for daily updates on this matter.


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