That Al-Salasil Storytelling Event

I remember when I was a kid, I used to loooove going to bookstores, I could stay there for hours..I wasn’t necessary a big fan of reading! But the books, their images, and their colors used to really attract my attention..I just get them, look at them, and that’s how I think, I finished them 😛 It kinda grew on me, I still buy books cause I like how they look like, and I hardly finish any..That if I start reading them in the first place 😕

That Al-Salasil bookstore is reviving those childhood memories, they are hosting a story telling event for the age from 4-6 years old on Saturday, the 25th of June; The Event will also include coloring activity and snacks.

It’s really nice to see such events taking place for kids, specially that there aren’t many activities directed towards them, or even offer some kind of interaction with them..Unfortunately, I don’t have any kids, but I might tell my friends who have kids to ‘take me’ and their kids and go hehe

That Al-Salasil is located at the Avenues Mall, Phase II


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