Review: Kuwait Flight Simulation Center

My colleagues and I were invited to Kuwait Flight Simulation Center to learn more about it and get a feel of the flight simulators and how exactly they function.

When we arrived they introduced to us their staff & volunteers and one of the guys took us for a tour..Inside the center they have 11 simulators, The Pilot Shop, Training Center, ATC Control, Hobycraft Shop, and The First Lounge Cafe.

The simulators looked really cool, with gazillion buttons everywhere..and actual engines’ sound..What I didn’t like about them is that they’re not movable..You get the ‘almost real’ gear, the sounds, the screens, but no motion..However, the F16, F18, and the Helicopter simulators are the only ones with motion feature.

They vary from simulators for beginner pilots, to simulators for professional pilots, and during the tour, we were told that lots of actual pilots are coming to Kuwait from all around the gulf just to try this place.

Over all, I really like the set up of the place, the whole place is made up like a giant aircraft, the details in the exterior and the interior were really taken care of, and the simulators are top of the line.

The prices for 1 hour of fun ranges between 10 KD to 35 KD, where instructors will be available to assist you..Classes vary from being free to comprehensive ‘Ground School’ pre-courses up to 120 KD.

Kuwait Flight Simulation Center is located in Discovery Mall, Basement, next to Cozmo Bowling..For more information, call them on 22913700/01.


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