Campaign: Drive Zain – Don’t Text & Drive

Zain invited me last week for the launch of their ever biggest campaign: Drive Zain. By now, you must have seen one the above ads somewhere in the streets or the internet; the campaign is summarized in one main line: Don’t Text And Drive.

It is an awareness message, collaborated by Zain & MOI, meant to leave strong impressions engraved in people’s minds – powerful messages, and profound visuals are what it’s all about.

You might have heard before that Kuwait has the highest number of traffic related deaths in the world..During the event, we also learned that the number 1 cause for accidents in Kuwait is related to mobile usage!

Each year, over 200 people die in Kuwait, with 6,000 injured, while it is estimated that the emotional trauma affects a further 25,000 friends and relatives. In the first two months of 2011 the MOI registered 9,883 accidents with 75 deaths.

Due to the severity of the situation, the ‘Drive Zain’ campaign will run till the end of this year in a bid to not only raise the awareness levels, but also create long-term behavioral change.

I truly wish them the best of luck..A needed focus on a very serious issue.

Check out their meaningful TVC.


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