1st Saudi Female Driver Arrested!

Manal, a 32-year-old Saudi woman, is one of the organizers of the ‘women 2 drive’ campaign that is being prepared to take place in Saudi starting June 17.

I heard about the campaign a while back, and I’ve been anticipating the progress and the results..But, today, I saw something on P0ach, and it really disturbed me 😑

Manal was ARRESTED!!!! And the campaign didn’t even kick official start yet! WTH!! Who gives them the power, right, and authority, to take a woman’s freedom and put her in jail, over driving a car??!

I kinda don’t get it..what exactly are they against? Women driving? or Women driving ‘cars’? Like if Saudi women took a herd of camels and rode them all over town, would that be ok? Or would they arrest them too? And how about the camels? specially the ‘male’ ones? would they also be arrested for allowing ‘females’ to ride them?! I really don’t get it! 😐

This is one of the most discriminating things I’ve seen against woman! It’s 2011!! And women are not allowed to D.R.I.V.E in Saudi!! And why?! Because it’s prohibited! Says who?! God only knows! And don’t even try to pin this on Islam, cause seriously, if you’re gonna try to do that, you’re gonna need to back it up with a proof..And such a thing DO NOT exist!

The is disgrace..shame..and embarrasement being made in the name of false cultural habits and fictional accusations of religion!!

Women of Saudi, I really hope your campaign pulls through..and we get to see the victory of simple human rights for the generations to come.


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