Campaign: Women 2 Drive

So it’s finally about to happen! Women are gathering up in Saudi Arabia to take the driver’s seat and drive their own cars, for the first time in Saudi!!

When I heard about this, I thought ‘what took them too long?!’..Driving is one of the activities that should not be thought of as a right to be earned!! If you are a person who does not have a disability that prevents them from driving..Then it’s something that should come naturally, without having to work for it so hard!

We have searched for laws that prohibit women in Saudi Arabia from exercising their right to drive their own vehicle but have not found anything that points to such [a prohibition] in Saudi traffic laws. Therefore, what we will do cannot be considered a violation of the law. We therefore have decided that beginning on Friday the 15th of Rajab, 1432, which corresponds to the 17th of June, 2011:

• Every women in possession of an international driver’s license or one from another country will begin driving her car herself whether to reach her place of work, drop her children off at school, or attend to her daily needs.
• We will take photographs and videotapes of ourselves driving our cars and post them to our Facebook page in order to support our cause: I will drive starting June 17
• We will adhere to the dress code (hijab) while driving.
• We will obey the traffic laws and will not challenge the authorities if we are stopped for questioning.
• If we are pulled over we will firmly demand to be informed of which laws have been violated. Until now there is not one traffic law that prohibits a woman from driving her own vehicle herself.
• We do not have destructive goals and will not congregate or protest, nor will we raise slogans. We have no leaders or foreign conspirators. We are patriots and we love this country and will not accept that which encroaches on its security and safety. All that is involved [in this matter] is that we will begin to exercise our legitimate right.
• We will not stop exercising this right until you find us a solution. We have spoken out on too many occasions and no one has listened to us. The time for solutions has come. We want women’s driving schools. We want Saudi drivers’ licenses [for women] like all other countries in the world. We want to live a complete form of citizenship without the humiliation and degradation that we are [currently] subjected to everyday because of our dependence on a driver.
• We will launch volunteer campaigns to offer free driving lessons for women beginning on the date that this announcement is issued and we wish for everyone to support us.

Join their FB Page, and support their campaign.

3 thoughts on “Campaign: Women 2 Drive

  1. the event disappeared on Facebook, i wanted to express all my support from Tunisia for the brave woman who want to practice their right, which is not illegal, nor immoral.
    we all support you, go on ladies!

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