Review: Shake Shack Dubai

While I was in Dubai last week, I managed to drop by the infamous ‘Shake Shack’ at the Mall of the Emirates food court.

As soon as my friend and I went in, we were greeted by the great staff..Loved their attitudes!

I ordered a single Shack Burger with Cheese Fries..And I paid 33 AED which is around 2.5 KD..They took my order and gave me a buzzer that would ‘shake’ when my order is ready πŸ™‚ Cool yeah?

Order was ready reaaal fast..I took my buzzer, headed to my table, and on my way it buzzed! Didn’t even make it back to the table yet!

The burger was yuuuum! reminded my of my favorite, Johnny Rockets, but waaaay lighter..I could have had another one lol πŸ˜€

The place was clean and hip..Loved it! Can’t wait for it to open soon at The Avenues!


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