To Love Or To Be Loved?

Have you ever felt unloved by people who you love the most? What would you do if you loved someone more than they loved you? a friend? family? a partner?

I’ve always had the problem of giving a lot for nothing in return..If I know someone and I like them, then they’re in my zone..And i’d give unconditionally even when it’s against my sake..I always get shocked though, and promise to never again be like that..But it’s so hard to change what you truly believe everyone should be..

Have you ever been betrayed?


7 thoughts on “To Love Or To Be Loved?

  1. Who dose not!!! .. But I just believe in one thing KARMA and they will nvr find such a loving heart like me ,, TBH I believe that the love is a curse and either you live without it or try to live with the wounds that love causes .

  2. Well ive been through the exact same thing. Literally.

    I couldn’t believe it and still have a hard time doing so, her love is just not there anymore and mine is just infinitely growing. “You’re too good to be true” she said… and she just moved on like nothing happened :).

    I just stopped loving anyone after that. If someone wants me they’ll show up, no need to chase and just get heartache in return. End of!

    • If that’s the case..It’s her bad that she did..losing someone who loves you is way worse than losing someone you love..
      I say open ur heart and close that page..ur ‘significant other’ is definitely waiting for you somewhere out there..
      Live life and enjoy it to the fullest..It’s really too short ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Huh her bad , the world now is so so so so ugly ,, she would never find a true love , so u must open ur heart and try one , two , three times till you find your sol mate don’t ever never wait for someone who dosnt know your worth.

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