Mark & 248am Are Being Sued..Over Honest Review!!!

Everybody is talking about the outrageous lawsuit that the Japanese Restaurant Benihana has filed against #1 blogger, Mark..for sharing his honest opinion with his readers!! The PR Crisis that restaurant has digged for themselves is getting overwhelming with people’s reaction from Kuwait and all over the place!

The story started when Mark and his wife Nat went for dinner at the newly opened Japanese cuisine ‘Benihana’, Mark then blogged about his experience and mentioned names of other Japanese restaurants that were considered ‘competitors’ in a random spontaneous mentioning of preferences, like all bloggers or people do in a routine daily conversation!!

What happened next was an utter surprise!! some ‘very enthusiastic’ comments in favor of the restaurants were left as comments on the same post, and under different names! It was not very obvious, until Mark’s comment took place “The last few comments all have the same IP address. Interesting.”!!!!!! Believe it or not, the GM of the restaurant himself has been faking names and commenting! and actually having a conversation with himself!!! Disgraceful, shocking, inexcusable act by the restaurant management!! When exposed, he sent a message to the same post threatening to sue Mark and using an awfully unprofessional language coming from such a franchise!! Furthermore, they actually pursued the lawsuit, destroying their reputation, and damaging the one little bit of credibility that was left in for them!

Now, when I heard the story I was fuming mad! How could they even think about suing a blogger? Not even any’s Mark! The most popular and loved-by-all blogger in Kuwait! and above that, they are suing not only for compensation but also to shut down his blog!!!!!

I’ve gotta break down things to you Benihana..

reputation? damage was done, crushed, and run over again with your negative reaction, unprofessional attitude, and horrible management! what was done from your side was pathetic..and let me assure you something, you might be one of the very few places that opened up in Kuwait that managed to lose customers before they even visited the restaurant! What were you thinking getting in this battle with the social media?! Have you any idea how important it is these days! I mean, you got people hating you and your franchise all over the place! You’re is such a mess, and you’re doing nothing by continuing and insisting to pursue your actions!

What would you do, if someone gathered all the hate and mockery comments from Mark’s blog, and your FB page, and Twitter, and emailed them to your headquarters..Benihana acual owners! How happy do you think they would be for you damaging their name in the entire region?!! Do you think Karma will then hit you back with a big a** lawsuit that you can’t afford?! And if that happened, do you think the other franchises that you own will sit and watch, until you do the same damage to their names?! Did you really think this over with your full active sober and healthy state of mind? Do you think you need to sit back, observe the damage, and do some rethinking, and quick action?

I’m not worried about the blogging community like some people are..people with social media skills will always have a way or another to emerge and write about whatever they want? Laws all over the world can not really shut down websites and make sure the owners will not just start another website!

A word of managed to make everyone hate you at this point..there is still time for you to fix it..send an official letter, and make this scandalous PR disaster disappear..Cz seriously, and even if you, God forbid, win the will still be hated..and we will always give all our support and empathy to the one-of-us..Mark.


5 thoughts on “Mark & 248am Are Being Sued..Over Honest Review!!!

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