Discrimination at its worst!!

I logged in my facebook account today, and was going through the updates on some pages when I found this disturbing post!

To me, as an expatriate who was born and raised all my life in Kuwait, I felt extremely offended; this is just ultimate ugliness, hatered, racism at an unbelieveable scale! specially coming from fellow Arabs & Muslims!!!! It just left me speechless and my thoughts were running all over the place…

Let me put it down for you people, from an expat’s point of view, for us, the other side of the story, our parents grew in Kuwait, they gave their best years to this country, we were born and raised in here too…most of us were not even introduced to their mother countries until a late life stage..we went to schools here, a big number of us went to universities here as well, and we worked, married, had kids, and died…

This is it pure and simple..no secrets, no hidden agendas, we are just individuals who were meant to live in this part of the world, each for their own reasons..

However, we do not take it for granted, we do not take it for free, we are paying for it, and we will always have to pay for it as long as we are here..not only in money, but physically and mentally as well..

And what about those poor low wage labor, why is everybody against their existence?! it might be as most of you said, it could be the fault of fake residency dealers, but doesn’t that make them just victims?! They come here, alone most of the time, leaving large families behind, expecting something that shatters the minute they land, they get stuck, lucky to share their room with less than 5 other people, working the longest hours, sometimes in health and life threatening circumstances, getting the smallest pay cheques, and being away from their families for years, just to save that pay on the air ticket..And at the end of the day, everybody looks at them and treats them as if they were some kind of a fungus that needs to be removed..

Just keep in mind, that none of them is taking your place in the community, they are only doing the dirty work that non of you would be willing to offer, they are construction workers, waiters, servants, maids, drivers, delivery men, and garbage people..they do all that, at the lowest life conditions..shouldn’t you take it easy on them?!

You know what, in here, we are being discriminated against most of the time, at work, at the restaurants that people ‘like us’ are not supposed to be at, at the hospitals, in the cars while driving, in the malls, even in the God damn parking places!!! it doesn’t matter who we are, what is our back round, how good of a family race we come from..We’re just ‘the other people’..Most of us don’t really say much about it..we got used to it..just like we got used to living here..

for me, I feel that the world wants me to be thankful for being allowed to live on this land, well, you know what…I am..

But i’m thankful to God, not to his people, i’m thankful cz I’m getting to live a good life, a life that is building me as a person..with each day that passes I meet new people and I experience new challenges..I’m thankful for having my family in here with me..for having my good friends around..for having met my husband, for being able to work, to have some fun, and to practice humanity..

I’m not here because it’s Kuwait..I’m here cz this is where i’m destined to be, at least for this stage of my life..who know’s where i’m gonna end up..who know’s where you will end up..nobody knows..

I have been blessed to meet lots of wonderful Kuwaiti people, well-mannered, classy, educated, understanding for life, loving, compassionate, and caring..to me, this is what I hang on to, this is what this country means to me..to them I send a bow..to them I say, keep on, you make Kuwait a better place..to them I send a note, don’t let some individuals represent you for what you are not..stand up..let the world see you..know you..and love you…

So I just wanna tell you people, live…..live together as fellow humans.. we are all different, we have our opinions, our likes and dislikes…express yourself, just do not insult others..Live people….live, and let live…


2 thoughts on “Discrimination at its worst!!

  1. It is very sad to see the shallowness in some people’s minds and the hatred they have for other human beings. All of those are the worst representation of their country, I guess it only took the first guy to post something racist and the others just followed through.

    We love Kuwait and have loyalty for it, but it’s our life-long dream to return to our home countries. It’s the hardest thing when you go to your homeland and find yourself just like any tourist, not knowing anyone not knowing the places, even if I go there once in every two-three years, it’s just human nature to long for home, which is not Kuwait.

    There actually are civilized, classy, and very down to earth kuwaitis out there. One of my closest friends is kuwaiti and she is just so humble and sweet! Those people who made the comments above just give the worst impression.

  2. I am so ashamed to be called one of them..
    They don’t represent me.. or us.. Kuwaitis
    Everyone in this life represent his family and how he grew up.

    I am sorry to every single expat, who left his/her country to do his part that an arrogant Kuwaiti refused to do.
    Kuwait will always be welcoming everyone.. because it does not belong to these people who commented..

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